Why did Misr El Kheir establish GESR ?

GESR is an initiative by Misr El-Kheir Foundation that comes from its responsibility to contribute to a knowledge-based economy, and actively transfer technology from researches and labs to actual products that serve socio-economic challenges in the fields of Water, Energy, Food, Health and Education.


What is a Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprise is a company or a for-profit organization that provides products and /or services that are solely aiming at solving social problems and most probably targeting bottom of the pyramid.


What is bottom of the pyramid ?

Bottom of the Pyramid is defined as the people who are living with an under $2 (15 LE) per day. They are 43 % of Egyptian Population.


What are the basic requirements for a startup to apply?

  1. Entreprenurial spirit and readiness to build a company
  2. Innovative idea solving social challenge
  3. A product that has a technology component
  4. A working business model


How can I apply for incubation and acceleration ?

  1. Register on GESR website