GESR Lab aims to help social innovators realize their ideas and fabricate their prototypes. The lab consists of a mechanical workshop and embedded systems lab. We provide innovators with co-working space, technical support, hand tools and electronic kits. There are also many activities held in the lab through GESR social innovation club in order to promote social innovation and entrepreneurship. Our global and local partners compliment all services and equipment we provide. We aspire to become one of the leading social innovation labs in Egypt and the world.




Mechanical workshop

The mechanical workshop is a working space that includes multiple mechanical tool kits. Through this workshop, innovators can modify and assemble their prototypes.

Join our social innovation club in order to get free access to our mechanical workshop and also to have access to our network of steel work manufacturers.


Embedded Systems

The embedded systems lab is one of the main components of GESR lab. Innovators will enjoy having many kits, tools and measurement equipment in order for them to develop their embedded system components.

Join our social innovation club to have free access to our embedded systems lab and also to access our network of embedded system labs.